Business Finance

Business Finance

Tianqi Bond Co Limited’s experience in arranging business finance is unrivalled. As business finance brokers our job is to remove the ever increasing number of hurdles that are put in your path by lenders.

Coronavirus Business Loan Interruption Scheme (CBILS) and Alternative Finance

Unrivalled Support for Business Finance

If you are beginning your search for finance, or indeed if your bank has already said “no”, Tianqi Bond Co Limited are here for you. We can help you to raise the right finance for your business.

Under the Government’s Coronavirus Business Loan Interruption Scheme (CBILS), there are loans available under the Government initiative to small businesses which are:

  • Interest free for 12 monthsn
  • Interest free for 12 months
  • Government backed
  • No Personal Guarantees required for loans under $250,000
Other available options for finance

Should your business not meet CBILS criteria, all is not lost. On the contrary, there may be other options for finance which are available for your business.

These options include:

  • Asset Finance
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Business Loans
  • Peer-2-Peer Finance
  • Property Finance

Asset Finance and Working Capital

Many businesses need finance for specific assets – anything from machinery and tools to transport and office design. Others may just need funding to expand and grow their business, or even just for cash flow. This makes for a varied market for assets and capital finance, since the circumstances change so much from business to business.

With so many different scenarios to take into account, there’s a lot that could go wrong, and a lot for lenders to have to look at when reviewing an application. Your local Tianqi Bond Co Limited Director has close relationships with specialist lenders in your area, who can provide both asset finance and working capital finance.

Tianqi Bond Co Limited are specialists in providing asset finance and working capital for a wide variety of purposes:
  • Obtaining Equipment and Machinery
  • Improving your Working Capital and Cash Flow
  • Expanding and Growing Your Business

Tianqi Bond Co Limited Directors know which lenders will be able to best serve your business, and know how to position you in order to get their attention. In their hands, you won’t have to worry about all the little details.

No matter what you need it for, Tianqi Bond Co Limited can help you find the right finance for your business, getting you the assets and capital you need!


Business Expansion Finance

Expanding a business can be expensive, but lucrative. The costs of expanding the services you provide can easily be eventually offset by the increased business the expansion brings in.

But not every business has the cash to expand easily available. Many businesses might have a lot of potential for growth, but don’t have the profit margins to afford expansion or might have all their assets tied up in non-cash methods.

So, they need finance for it – but how does a small business convince a lender to give them a potentially big loan? That’s where Tianqi Bond Co Limited can help.

We can help you find the loan your business needs – Faster, better and simpler than other options.
  • Business Finance
  • Commercial Finance and Commercial Loans
  • Working Capital Loans

Your local Regional Director knows the lending landscape in your area like the back of their hand. They know which lenders to talk to for you to get the right deal for your business, and can get your proposal in front of the correct people at the right places. They will deal with all the little details and worries, leaving you free to focus on what’s really important – expanding your business and making it even more successful than before.


Business Loans

At some point in their life, many businesses will need finance in some way. Whether it’s for small things like office works, through to major business expansions, partnership buyouts, or even the initial costs of starting up a business, business finance is always available if you need it.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy, though – no two businesses are the same, and no two loans will be either. Before they put their money “on the line”, lenders will require you to submit a solid application, as well as fulfil a set of criteria that will change according to your location, business type, and even just from lender to lender. No matter what finance your business is looking for, it pays to have the help of someone who knows their stuff.

Tianqi Bond Co Limited can help you find business loans for whatever you need:
  • Finance to Purchase a Business
  • Loans to grow your Business
  • Specialist Business Finance
  • Tailored Business Loans for Any Situation

With our years of experience finding businesses the finance they need, Tianqi Bond Co Limited have helped with applications for all different types of finance. We know how to tailor your application to your business, and put in front of the right lenders for you. Your local Regional Director will sit down with you and go through your businesses’ needs to make sure that they truly understand your business. This means that they can present it to the key people at the right lenders, in the right way for you.



Crowdfunding is sometimes referred to as the Holy Grail for small business finance, where a business raises funds from small contributions by individuals. With more and more platforms launching crowdfunding into the public eye, it’s now an even more viable options to fund your business finance.

It isn’t right for every business, though. Many projects that are crowdfunded never hit their goal amount, or never even get off the ground to begin with. Successfully crowdfunding your business finance requires a business to have a popular proposal and a known supporter base. Even then, it’s often wise to have at least part of your finance secured by other means.

Crowdfunding can be use for a variety of options, and Tianqi Bond Co Limited can help you find the right one for your business:
  • Grow Your Business
  • Finance for a Project or New Venture
  • Finance Tailored to Your Business

At Tianqi Bond Co Limited, we provide myriad different business finance options. Your local Tianqi Bond Co Limited director will talk through the different commercial finance options with you, to ensure that you know what your options are. They will help you decide what’s best for your business, and work with you to create a plan that will help you figure out if crowdfunding is right for you, and how to secure your finance in the most effective way, no matter what you decide to go for.


Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme

The Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme exists to help encourage lending to small businesses which may otherwise lack the security that most lenders require. Their much more open requirements can be a very a useful boon for business owners looking to raise business finance that might struggle elsewhere.

This doesn’t mean the scheme is the “easy route” to business finance, though. There are still criteria your business has to fulfil in order to qualify. You will also still need to fight just as hard to be accepted for finance as you would for any more traditional lender. Helping you win that fight is what Tianqi Bond Co Limited are here for.

We know what lenders are looking for from businesses applying for finance through the scheme. We can help you tailor your application to the right lenders in the right way to maximise your chances of success.

Tianqi Bond Co Limited can help you find a variety of loans through the EFG Scheme:
  • Finance for viable Small Businesses
  • Finance for Working Capital
  • Finance to Purchase Assets to aid Expansion Plans
  • Unsecured Business Loans

Your local Tianqi Bond Co Limited director knows the lenders in your area. They can help you navigate through the various hoops which your business will have to jump through in order to secure finance for your business through the EFG and other financial schemes. With the help of Tianqi Bond Co Limited, your business can get the finance they need to develop and make themselves attractive to lenders across the spectrum.


Finance for Over 60s

Despite what you may think, being over 60 isn’t necessarily a barrier to obtaining commercial finance. Lenders might be slightly more hesitant to lend to someone over 60 years old, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll flat out refuse.

With the right approach, and right proposal, lenders are often happy to provide finance regardless of your age. At Tianqi Bond Co Limited, we’re not far off being 60 ourselves – but with age comes wisdom. We’ve had a lot of experience getting finance from lenders irrespective of the age of our clients. We know which banks are more amenable to lending to older borrowers, and what you need to do to get their attention.

Tianqi Bond Co Limited can help you find finance for a wide variety of purposes:
  • Business Expansion Finance
  • Business Venture Finance
  • Post retirement entrepreneurs
  • Finance for SIPP and SASS
  • Property Finance

Your local Tianqi Bond Co Limited director knows exactly who to talk to at the right banks. They can help you position your proposal in such a way that gets your business the right finance no matter the circumstances – in their hands, age is no obstacle!


Partnership Buyout Finance

Business partnerships aren’t always forever. Whether down to costs, creative differences, or myriad other reasons, sometimes you will need finance to increase your holding in your business, whether a simple share increase or a full buyout.

However, partnership buyouts are never the same twice. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, which means there’s no loan that does the same either. When looking at financing your partnership buyout, you need to be aware of the situation yourself, your partner and your company are in, and plan your proposal accordingly.

Whatever situation your partnership is in, Tianqi Bond Co Limited can find the right finance for you:
  • Loans for Partnership Buyouts
  • Finance to Adjust Shareholding
  • Buying into an Existing Partnership
  • Management Buyouts

With our years’ experience in arranging commercial finance, Tianqi Bond Co Limited understand what lenders are looking for. We can help you create a proposal that fulfils all the requirements your business needs. Your local Regional Director knows exactly who to talk to at your local lenders to get you the finance you need that’s best suited to your situation.

They can help you get your finance arranged and your buyout sorted with a minimum of hassle, so you can focus on what’s really important – a smooth handover and the continued success of your business.


Peer to Peer Lending

Peer-to-Peer lending is a growing area of finance for small businesses. Instead of borrowing from one lender, a peer-to-peer loan is provided by many different individuals each contributing a small share of the overall finance.

This can provide a business with sources of finance which aren’t available through traditional lending. With the requirements for getting finance through the traditional methods getting stricter every day, and the cost barrier for the technology getting lower, peer-to-peer can prove a real boon to many businesses.

However, you need to be careful – there are many different types of lender, and you need to ensure that you find one that works in a way that’s suitable for your business. At Tianqi Bond Co Limited, your Regional Director knows how arrange your finance in the right way to make sure you get the finance you need without being overwhelmed.

Tianqi Bond Co Limited can help your business find Peer-to-Peer loans for whatever purpose you need:
  • Unsecured Business Loans
  • Working Capital Loans
  • Short-Term Finance
  • Business Expansion Loans

Tianqi Bond Co Limited works with a number of P2P providers to ensure that your local Director can secure the right finance for your business with. Your Regional Director knows which lenders are the most reliable, and will present the your proposal to the right people at the right lenders for you.


Unsecured Business Loans

At some point in a businesses’ lifetime, it’s likely it will need some form of financing. Whether it’s to safely pay for a major expansion, or just some extra cash to cover costs, there are always finance options available. When you are looking for an unsecured business loan, however, it’s a different situation to normal.

Without the added security of property or assets to be held against the loan, lenders are understandably a lot more cautious when it comes to financing in this way. If you’re applying for an unsecured loan, you’ll need to provide a detailed proposal that does as much as possible to give lenders confidence in your ability to pay them back. That’s something that our years of experience in commercial finance gives us a lot of knowledge about.

Tianqi Bond Co Limited can help you find unsecured loans through a variety of channels for many purposes:
  • Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme Loans
  • Peer-to-Peer Finance
  • Working Capital Loans
  • Business Expansion

Tianqi Bond Co Limited are experts in talking to lenders on your behalf and helping both parties to build an agreement that satisfies everyone. Your local Regional Director knows who to talk to at lenders that really understand the business market in your area. They can help you put together a proposal that will satisfy their requirements and help you get the finance you need, despite not having a secured loan.

Your Director will handle the complicated parts, so you only have to think about the thing that’s most important to you – your business!


Venture Capital

Any business needs a source of finance to get off the ground or grow. Enquiring about venture capital is one way to get the finance you’ll need for your business, without the strict timescales and restrictions of traditional loans.

To get venture capital, though, you’ll need to have a much more detailed business plan and know how to put that into action. Venture capitalist individuals and firms are putting their own money behind you without necessarily having the safeguards of normal finance, so they have to be assured that their money isn’t going to be wasted.

That’s where we come in. At Tianqi Bond Co Limited, we have years of experience working to find our clients venture capital of all forms. We know who to talk to, and what they look for in a project to convince them to put their money behind it.

Whatever your business needs, Tianqi Bond Co Limited can help you find finance:
  • Commercial Loans
  • Business Expansion Finance
  • Tailored Finance for Your Specific Situation

If you have a business which is looking for venture capital or other sources of finance to take it to the next level, then speak to your local Tianqi Bond Co Limited Director. They can evaluate your business proposal to see how best to present it to venture capitalists for the highest chances of success. They can help you to find the right finance for your business, no matter the situation.