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Our Vision, Mission & Objectives

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Our Vision, Mission & Objectives

  • Our Vision

    To be a market leading private investment firm that builds growth through new platforms while adhering to our social values and commitments.

    Our vision is to become a dominant investment firm in the local and regional market, focusing on a diverse range of investments that generate wealth, have a long lasting impact and create value to our communities in addition to being Sharia’a compliant.

  • Our Mission

    “Tianqi Bond Co Limited aims to target growth that creates value for shareholders in carefully identified niche sectors. We pride ourselves on discerning and long lasting investments through a process-driven selection criteria.”

    The firm aims to target sound investments within growing markets and industries with a focus on generating steady income streams and building long lasting relationships with institutions that complement and share the Tianqi Bond Co Limited vision.

  • Oour Objectives

    The strategic objectives of Tianqi Bond Co Limited can be summarized as follows:
    • Operate with a focus on generating long term capital growth to shareholders and potential investors by process driven screening and identifying discerning investment opportunities.
    • Add value to the economy through a commitment to the environment and society.
    • Participating in the most promising local and regional opportunities.
    • Build a diversified portfolio of investments that adds value to the economy, promotes economic growth and generates income.
    • Provide value added advisory services to investors seeking sound advice on investment opportunities.