Corporate Investment

Corporate Investment

We offer a range of tailored investment management services for Corporate clients including:
  • Discretionary Portfolio Management
  • Advisory Portfolio Management
  • Segregated Structured Products Portfolio Management
  • Low to Medium Risk Alternatives to Cash


Discretionary Portfolio Management

Our flagship investment management service is a holistic discretionary service suited to corporate investors who wish to ensure their portfolio is managed by professionals in a responsive manner. We work with each client to first understand their hopes, aims and aspirations before building a wealth strategy that positions their portfolio to achieve these goals.

Our discretionary process involves mutually agreeing the parameters within which to manage the portfolio. Clients can choose to install set parameters for how they would like their portfolio to be managed which can be either risk based or ethics based. Alternatively a defined performance goal can be outlined (e.g. 6%-9% per annum or £x income per month). We then run the portfolio to either optimise the returns within your parameters or to minimise the risk whilst achieving these defined targets. Our experienced portfolio managers use their expertise and market knowledge to make investment decisions on the clients behalf, and respond quickly to market changes when the demand arises.

We report on our performance on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis depending on your preference.


Advisory Portfolio Management

Our advisory portfolio management service is for clients who wish to benefit from professional advice whilst retaining the control of their investments. We act as a source of investment knowledge to help inform clients as to what is happening in the markets, offer thoughts and rationale on opportunities the clients develop themselves whilst also proactively presenting investment opportunities of our own for the clients consideration.


Segregated Structured Products Portfolio Management

The area of structured products is one of the fastest growing parts of the wealth management industry as investors look towards bridging the gap between the security but poor returns of cash against the high volatility and uncertain returns of direct exposure to the markets. Our experts hold considerable expertise in this complex area and regularly speak at National Conferences on the subject.

Clients can take advantage of our industry leading analysis and gain access to listed and secondary market structured products through allocating capital to a segregated structured products portfolio. As with our traditional investment portfolios, we mutually agree defined risk parameters or set defined annual growth targets with the client and then manage the portfolio on a discretionary or advisory basis.


Low to Medium Risk Alternatives to Cash

In an economic environment where we are living through all-time low cash interest rates, we can show clients a range of viable low-risk alternatives to watching inflation erode the real value of their capital.

We are pleased to be able to facilitate access to Structured Deposits drawn from across all market providers. Structured Deposits are investments which ensure the original capital remains on deposit and covered 100% by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme whilst using options to generate a return by putting any annual interest/growth at risk. They are usually defensive in their approach and are most commonly designed to produce a return of between 4% and 8% per annum. This makes them an attractive complement to cash for clients wishing to potentially generate more from a certain portion of the overall portfolio without assuming too much risk.

We are also proficient in constructing and maintaining a diverse portfolio of listed retail bonds for clients who wish to maintain an ability for daily liquidity (if desired) whilst ensuring their capital is earning a competitive return without any equity-based risk. These bonds are listed on the London Stock Exchange and offer an excellent amount of transparency whilst remaining highly cost efficient.