Estate Planing

Estate Planing

Ensuring that your financial affairs are in order and are structured appropriately is essential in optimising the benefits that you can pass to future generations. We are skilled in mitigating any potential Inheritance Tax (IHT) Liability that may be incurred by your estate to ensure that the estate you have worked long and hard to create is not penalised by tax yet further as it is passed onto the next generation.

This provides all of our clients with peace of mind that their loved ones and any good causes they wish to support receive as much of their estate as possible.

Working alongside a small number of strategic partners, we provide a full estate planning service by first identifying your objectives and circumstances before using this information to establish the most suitable structures for you and your family. This may range from a relatively straightforward basic insurance policy calculated to cover any potential inheritance tax liability, to a creating a more complex and bespoke solution through forming a range of tax efficient vehicles such as loan trusts, family benefit trusts and discounted gift trusts.

We are mindful to also prudently start from the beginning to see that the basic planning arrangements have been set in place such as ensuring you have an up-to-date will in place.

Often, due to the time commitments that life creates for all of us, it is easy to overlook the necessity of estate planning due to its inherent lack of urgency. Careful and thoughtful consideration should nevertheless be made to ensure that future generations benefit from your wealth in the way that you want and to the fullest extent possible.

We'll commit, if you will, to take the time to understand your requirements, and to work alongside you in designing and implementing the right structures for you and your circumstances.