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Working Hours: (Monday - Friday)
Manama,Kingdom of Bahrain.


The Tianqi Bond Co Limited Team always tries to think outside the box in order to stand out in all our solutions.

Tianqi Bond Co Limited operates on the noblest of values, most significantly its belief in meritocracy of its human capital.

Our team of high talented individuals with long years of experience in the field of finance and investments is committed to offer the company its utmost know-how to achieve best performance. The team is deeply devoted to contributing to our economy and community, which is evident considering our participation in existing affiliated entities.

At Tianqi Bond Co Limited we aspire to continually grow year-on-year. Our culture, portrayed as a friendly and sociable atmosphere, encourages innovation and entrepreneurship to blossom which leads to higher levels of productivity and returns. As a team, we always try to “think outside the box” and work in a dynamic environment targeting shared goals while upholding the Tianqi Bond Co Limited ethos.

The Team at Tianqi Bond Co Limited operates as one entity and through a flow of communication, interaction and motivation; we craft businesses from an air of brainstormed ideas, followed by market studies and financial modeling.

Board Members

  • Prof Humaid Ali Humaid Juma Al Ali

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Dr Abdulla Hassan Mohammad Ali

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Mr Bhagwan Dhamaji

    Vice President

  • Mr Ali Hadi Mohammed Saleh

    General Counsel & Company Secretary

  • Dr Abdulla Ali Ali bin Youkha Alnaqbi

    Director of Loan and Investment

  • Mr Ali Abdulla Fadhel Mohamed Almarzooqi

    Head of Capital Markets

  • Prof Abdulla Mohamed Saeed Rashed Almulla

    Managing Director

  • Mr Nasir Mohamed Alsuwaiji Alzaabi

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Mr Naseeb Abdulia Awdhan Naseeb

    Board Member

  • Dr Gani .N. Gani

    Director Customer Care Department

  • Mr Mohammed Hamad Saeed Balabda

    Board Member

  • Mrs Neha Goci


  • Mr Gurdeep Singh Sohal

    Director of International Representative