LSE Trust Corporate

LSE Trust Corporate

The TOC Property Backed Lending Trust carries a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange as we have specifically sought to acquire and adhere to the highest standard of corporate governance and due diligence available on the markets. This serves to provide added confidence and comfort in the robustness of the lending process and in the appropriateness and sustainability of the trust's approach to corporate governance and compliance.

The trust affords a convenient, robust and productive way to position capital to drive a healthy income whilst not chasing excessive risk. The trust has a targeted annual income of 7% per annum with an equity kicker of 1%-2% on top, giving a targeted return of a total 8%-9% per annum.

As the appointed Investment Adviser to the listed trust, the experienced lending team Tianqi Bond Co Limited work with each borrower to create a sensible and achievable business plan for their project. This process both refines and challenges whatever assumptions are driving their expected return. From the investment side, our clients are able to position part of their portfolio to target a stable and consistent quarterly income in a way which does not seek to chase excessive risk.

If the business plan and/or underlying strategy is approved by our Investment Committee we create a formal investment opportunity and invite investment toward a set monetary goal. In doing this, the trust for the first time allows clients and intermediaries an opportunity to invest alongside our existing direct lenders for mutual benefit.

We believe in ensuring that our investors have the protection of an underlying asset of some form wherever possible. This security may be property based, be grounded in intellectual property, be taken via a debenture over a company’s assets or perhaps secured against a known and documented invoice.

Any security taken in this way is usually supported by a personal or company guarantee of any borrower as a prerequisite of funding.

Our investors therefore have the peace of mind that each underlying borrower is suitably committed to making good on whatever terms are agreed at the outset.

The TOC Property backed lending trust diversifies each client's investment across a broad range of projects, borrwing teams, strategies and market sectors. This better manages the risk for all clients accessing our Private Funding Circles through the trust.

Our investors have the assurance of knowing that a professionally managed credit process is protecting their investment and facilitating a successful outcome on their behalf.

As part of the credit process, Tianqi Bond Co Limited will usually seek to appoint a representitive as a consultant to assist and monitor the borrower for the duration of the project. This cost will be serviced by the borrower and will not impact on the return of our investors.

Depending on the structure of the project, our representitive may carry protective capital access rights to ensure the agreed project is carried out in full accordance with the agreed strategy and within the agreed timescales.

The representive will also be charged with ensuring the accurate reporting to investors of updates on the project in a timely fashion.

Where a Private Funding Circle is held directly, under the collective investment scheme guidelines we cannot provide access to any equity participation dervied from the projects being supported. This means the return is purely debt based, positioned to drive a healthy income. For the first time however through the LSE listed trust, we are delighted to be able to provide access to the equity participation the trust will have in the borrwing teams being supported.

Importantly, this means that in addition to the average income being provided each year by debt, the trust's shareholders will also benefit from a long term equity kicker. This is something which structurally should position the trust very well to drive a targeted total return of 8%-9% per annum.

For more information or to discuss your income needs further please contact a Tianqi Bond Co Limited adviser at your convenience.